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Game Granny Pills: Defend Cactuses preview
Game Granny Pills: Defend Cactuses preview

Granny Pills: Defend Cactuses

Granny Pills: Defend Cactuses

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8.8(8 votes)

Granny Pills: Defend Cactuses

Granny Pills - Defend Cactuses is a fun and simple pill-throwing game set in a post-apocalyptic world of 2075. The Earth has suffered a devastating alien invasion, leading to a severe depletion of life and oxygen. The only surviving plants are cacti, which become the target of aliens seeking to eradicate all life on Earth. In this dire scenario, you step into the shoes of a brave Granny, who grows her cactuses on the road to ensure they receive sunlight. Granny's unique discovery that aliens are scared of human pills becomes her main defense strategy, along with a shotgun for emergencies.

How to play Granny Pills - Defend Cactuses?

The gameplay involves strategic aiming and color matching. Players must throw pills at the invading aliens. The key is to match the color of the pill with the color of the alien to destroy them effectively. The objective is to protect the cactuses and survive as long as possible against the alien onslaught.

What are the controls for Granny Pills - Defend Cactuses?

  • Click & Hold: Aim
  • Release: Throw the pill


  • Set in post-apocalyptic 2075
  • Unique alien invasion narrative
  • Strategic gameplay requiring color matching and aiming
  • Engaging storyline with a brave protagonist

Release date

February 2024


Artem Lanin


All devices

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