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Gun Mayhem 3D

Gun Mayhem 3D is a third-person shooter where you play as an elite soldier; your mission is to eliminate all your enemies’ troops in an enjoyable single-player, team death match against AI. Whoever scores higher — wins the match.

Gun down your enemies, take cover, and score points in this wild, challenging shooter, where your best strategy is not to jump right into the fray, but carefully choose where and when to act. Don’t worry about being killed often — just respawn and try again.

How to Play Gun Mayhem 3D?

There are two teams; choose a map and survive for three minutes, killing as many enemies as you can. Each time you take down an enemy, you will get one point. Do your best to hit the highest score, and win. Be careful with respawning enemies, however, and do not take victory for granted!

Regardless of the gameplay’s simplicity, the AI in Gun Mayhem 3D is tough, and you should consider using better tactics than simply running oblivious toward your enemies and emptying your magazines. Do not stand idly by either, find a good spot and pick the bad guys one by one.

What Are The Controls For Gun Mayhem 3D?

The game is playable only on PC with the following controls:

  • WASD — Basic movement
  • Left click — Shoot
  • Right Click — Aim
  • Shift — Run
  • C — Crouch
  • R — Reload
  • P — Pause game


  • 3D graphic models
  • Decent sound effects
  • Challenging for hardcore gamers

Release date

November 2019




All devices

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