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Game Janissary Battles preview
Game Janissary Battles preview

Janissary Battles

Janissary Battles

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9.3(15 votes)

Janissary Battles

Janissary Battles is an epic 2-player game featuring retro 2D pixelated graphics, awesome animations, up to 8 mini-games, and exciting gameplay. You and your buddy get to control the elite units of the once-great Ottoman Empire in a series of 1v1 battles to prove your military proficiency.

Clash with battering rams, shoot firelock guns and arrows, throw spears and axes, swing maces and swords, and even fire catapults at your opponent! Regardless of the randomly drawn battle you’ll participate in, the gameplay is really easy to get into, yet difficult to master. The first player to land 5 hits wins the round.

How to play Janissary Battles

The fact that the battles you’ll engage in are randomly drawn will keep you on your toes, adding an extra touch of unpredictability. This also means that it’s going to take quite some time before you master the game mechanics. You must be quick to learn while playing the game to gain an edge over your competitor.

This awesome 2-player game can be enjoyed rather casually but depending on the rivalry between you and the opponent it can also get fiercely competitive. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a blast with a friend while playing!

What are the controls for Janissary Battles?

You can play Janissary Battles on both PC and mobile devices, but since this game is a 2-player exclusive, we enjoyed it much more on the bigger screen. Use the W/arrow up keys or tap the left/right side on a touchscreen device to control the red/blue characters, respectively.


  • An exciting 2-player retro-styled action game
  • 8 unique randomly drawn battles to participate in
  • A not-so-gentlemanly competition between two friends

Release date

October 2021


RHM Interactive


All devices

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