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Jewel Christmas Story

Help Santa collect ALL THE GOODIES in Jewel Christmas Story — a dazzling match-3 puzzle game. Swap adjacent items to match triplets and keep an eye out for 3+ matches to create the “Bomb” tiles.

To complete each level, you must collect targeted ornaments in a set amount of turns or within a given timeframe in the “Time Attack” game mode. Complete missions to earn rewards and rank up, thus unlocking new, more challenging levels. Spend the earned coins to buy various useful “Boosters”, unlock chests or spin the wheel of fortune!

How to play Jewel Christmas Story

At the beginning of each mission in Jewel Christmas Story you’re given a goal and up to three “Boosters” to choose from to help you achieve it. You may not have them in the first few introductory levels, but you’ll get there soon enough. The in-game tips are very well written, and in the “Settings” menu, you can read the “Instructions” to gain all the game knowledge you should ever need.

While the first few levels are a walk in the park, the game quickly becomes more difficult and increasingly interesting. Different tiles and multiple “Targets” are introduced, and to overcome the newly arisen challenges, you must begin to think a few steps ahead.

The “Bomb” tiles don’t just blow up by themselves, but you need to match them again with ornaments of a corresponding color for their ability to take effect. Some of the levels are very difficult to complete without the use of “Boosts”, so make sure to embrace these neat tools and use them wisely to your advantage.

What are the controls for Jewel Christmas Story?

Tap or click on adjacent tiles to swap places and create matches.


  • A Lovely Christmas themed match-3 puzzle game
  • Eye-catching 2D graphics and addictive gameplay
  • Hundreds of different levels to play

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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