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JollyWorld is an extensive browser-based game with hundreds of levels! Try out one of the popular levels or use the Jolly editor and make your own!


How to play JollyWorld?

JollyWorld is a fun game to play. There are currently three modes to play JollyWorld in:

  1. Single-player. In this mode, there are over a hundred levels that you can choose to play, each with its unique map and objective. You can filter the available games by Best-Rated, Newest, Oldest, and Most Played. The best-rated level at this moment is “green light red light”. The rules are simple, go at the green light and stop at the red light. Repeat this until you’ve reached the finish line.
  2. Multiplayer. In multiplayer, you can either join an existing lobby with a map picked out for you or you can create a custom lobby for you to play in! Multiplayer mode is super exciting as you’re competing against your friends or players from across the world!
  3. Create Levels! Another interesting aspect of JollyWorld is its map editor! The game allows the players to create their maps and upload them on the JollyWorld server. Unleash your creativity as a map builder and build a unique map for the community to play!


What are the controls for JollyWorld?

JollyWorld is an easy game to play.

  • To move forward on desktop, press the W key
  • To move backward, press the S key
  • To tilt your bike forward and backward, use the A and D keys respectively. Use the spacebar key to change direction and the Z key to eject.

If you’re playing on mobile, tap the buttons available at the bottom of the screen. Each button has been labeled purposefully for the player to easily understand and use.



  • Community! The community for JollyWorld is massive and is always building levels or figuring out ways to finish levels quicker!
  • Jolly editor! The editor in the game allows the players to come up with unique levels for the community to play and compete to finish!
  • Multiplayer! Invite your friends to a custom lobby and play this entertaining game with them!

October 2020

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