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9.1(23 votes)


LOLShot.io is a multiplayer .io FPS game with many fan favorite mechanics from other FPS games. Share an invite link to play with friends in this competitive, skill-based first-person shooter packed with aerial action. Score points for spectacular combos: yeet other players out of the arena, perform mid-air kills, and teleport through portals to ambush opponents.

How to play LOLShot.io?

You'll enter an arena with one goal in mind: kill and don't get killed.

Armed with 8 wild weapons to master, you can dash and fly around vibrant arenas, hunting down opponents in deathmatch mode with up to 16 players. Simple kills won’t suffice; you need to execute the most spectacular and creative takedowns to earn bonus points and achieve the highest score by the match's end. The intense gameplay is enhanced by your abilities to rocket-jump freely, use teleportation, soar high with a flamethrower jetpack, rain destruction from above, and make impossible leaps with powerful jump pads.

Master the maps and know where to find weapons and bonuses. Many weapons have special functions: the Lifegun ray drains your opponent’s health and is the only way to heal yourself, the flamethrower doubles as a portable thruster, and the Magic Milk grants you a x3 damage boost for a short duration.

What are the controls for LOLShot.io?

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Shoot: LMB
  • Jump: Space or RMB
  • Switch weapons: Mouse wheel or 1, 2, 3...8
  • Chat: Return
  • Settings: ESC
  • Reload: Pick up weapons


  • Free multiplayer FPS game online
  • Invite link to play with friends
  • Competitive skill-based gameplay
  • Aerial action with rocket-jumps and jetpacks
  • Deathmatch mode with up to 16 players
  • 8 crazy weapons with unique abilities
  • Bonus points for spectacular combos
  • Colorful and fun arenas
  • Special items like Lifegun, flamethrower, and Magic Milk

Release date

June 2024


Big Boss Dolphin



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