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Game Masked Forces Zombie Survival preview
Game Masked Forces Zombie Survival preview

Masked Forces Zombie Survival

Masked Forces Zombie Survival

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Masked Forces Zombie Survival

Masked Forces Zombie Survival is a gritty horror shooter in which the objective is to annihilate 8 increasingly stronger waves of relentless undead going for your head. You can Play Online to team up with the remaining zombie apocalypse survivors or attempt this epic feat of strength solo.

As you level up and earn cash for shooting down zombies, you’ll be able to purchase better Armor and Weapons or upgrade the existing ones. With 3 weapon slots available, you’ll feel confident confronting the endless swarms of incoming undead, at least for a little while. Their sheer number quickly becomes overwhelming though, and the nail-biting battle for survival begins.

How to play Masked Forces Zombie Survival

There are several types of enemies mindlessly running toward you, and it’s important to deal with the most threatening ones first. Surviving for a while longer is going to be a lot easier if you prioritize targets correctly. Pay close attention to the minimap to avoid getting surprised from behind, and always keep moving.

Try to take out enemies from the furthest range possible, and once they inevitably get in melee range, don’t panic. If you run out of rounds and have to reload, turn around and sprint to minimize damage. Once you’re ready to shoot, the zombies are usually well lined up, so you’ll just unload the entire clip at point-blank range.

What are the controls for Masked Forces Zombie Survival?

Masked Forces Zombie Survival is a PC exclusive, and you can play it for free in a web browser. The controls are shown in the list below:

  • WASD keys — Move
  • Mouse move — Aim
  • Left mouse button — Fire weapon
  • Right mouse button — Scope 
  • R — Reload
  • C — Crouch
  • Left Shift — Sprint


  • A suspenseful and gritty FPS survival
  • Dozens of Weapons and Armor upgrades
  • 8 increasingly overwhelming zombie waves
  • Cooperative Online Play or lone survival

Release date

October 2018





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