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Maze of infection

The vial of a potent virus fell on the floor, causing an epidemic with severe symptoms in Maze of infection. The virus is turning regular people into mindless zombies, making your quest to escape the building not an easy one. You’re playing a janitor stuck on the 12th floor, and the residents you’ll encounter on the way down to salvation are anything but human. They’ll rip the flesh from your bones if given a chance, and it’s up to you to find whatever weaponry you can and use it efficiently to earn your freedom.

How to play Maze of infection?

The zombies you’ll encounter in Maze of infection are slow but will one-shot you if they get close enough. This is especially tricky in the beginning when you only have a baseball bat at your disposal. It will usually take two or three hits to kill them, so don’t just stand and trade blows, but move away after each smack.

Soon enough, you'll find ranged weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and machine guns, so you will feel a bit safer. However, the rounds for each weapon are pretty scarce, and you will have to shoot efficiently to avoid depleting your ammo stash.

To complete each level, you will have to find a hatch in the floor, and a key that opens it. Another useful item to look out for is the map, as it will reveal the floor layout to you, thus making orientation much easier.

What are the controls for Maze of infection?

Maze of infection is playable in your PC browser, and a mouse and a keyboard are required to play. Use WASD keys for movement, navigate the mouse to aim, click the left mouse button to shoot, and use the mouse scroll to switch weapons.


  • 2D zombie survival shooter
  • Labyrinth-styled levels and an eerie atmosphere
  • Plenty of different weapons and enemies

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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