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Game Metal Guns Fury preview
Game Metal Guns Fury preview

Metal Guns Fury

Metal Guns Fury

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Metal Guns Fury

Control the battle-hardened commando on a mission to eradicate hostile troops on a remote war-torn volcanic isle in Metal Guns Fury: beat em up! Purchase a variety of weapons, upgrade the guns and character stats, buy mechs, and deploy them on the battlefield to turn the tides of even the seemingly hopeless encounters. 

This awesome 2D action shooter features retro-styled pixelated graphics, captivating adrenaline-packed gameplay, immersive sound effects, RPG elements, and rewarding progression. There are a total of 4 playable characters, daily quests, achievement rewards, dozens of unique weapons, and powerful ability-enhancing consumables. Save hostages, eliminate enemies, and survive the relentless attacks to conquer the contested isle once and for all!

How to play Metal Guns Fury: beat em up

In the very beginning, you’ll carry a humble pistol that doesn’t pack much firepower, and in the heat of battle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll be able to pick up some guns you discover on the missions, but these power-ups are temporary, and the drop rates are unreliable. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to save some cash, at least until you’ve purchased a decent automatic weapon at the armory. After you’ve acquired a trusty gun, proceed to explore the additional upgrades and regularly invest in them.

What are the controls for Metal Guns Fury: beat em up?

Metal Guns Fury: beat em up works flawlessly in both PC and mobile web browsers, but we enjoyed it slightly better on a bigger screen, because of the satisfying keyboard smashing sounds. Tap the easily discerned buttons to move, shoot, and use consumables on mobile. Use the arrow or A/D keys to move left or right while playing on a PC, the Spacebar to shoot, and 1-5 keys to use the consumables.


  • An extraordinary retro arcade-styled 2D classic action shooter
  • Different weapons, mech units, character upgrades, consumables
  • 4 playable characters, captivating gameplay, rewarding progression

Release date

November 2019




All devices

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