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Game Minecraft Tower Defense preview

Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower Defense

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Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower Defense is an engaging browser game that blends elements of the renowned Minecraft game with captivating tower defense strategy. With its familiar pixelated Minecraft graphics, this game promises an addictive experience for all fans of the original Minecraft game.

How to Play Minecraft Tower Defense?

In Minecraft Tower Defense, your goal is to survive against incoming hordes of creatures for as long as possible. To prepare your defenses, you first need to create a winding path to your defensive tower. After that, you can start building a variety of defensive towers and traps. For each monster you dispatch, you gain additional resources. You can use these resources to upgrade your towers and traps, and build additional defense mechanisms in-between each wave. Your defensive network will protect your tower from the creatures. The game challenges you to think strategically about how long you can survive and how effective your defense will be.

What are the controls for Minecraft Tower Defense?

Use the left mouse button to carve your path for the enemies and to select from the context menus, which includes choosing upgrades, setting traps, and deploying dispensers.


  • Choose from a variety of defensive towers and weapons
  • Build a complex path to misdirect your enemies
  • Try to survive as many waves as possible

Release date

January 2015





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