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MineStrike.fun is a hilariously entertaining and highly addictive Minecraft-inspired MMO action game. The 2D pixelated graphics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the exciting action-packed gameplay definitely makes up for the lack of flashy visuals.

This is a competitive game that requires skill and persistence to excel at, so don’t expect to start dominating as soon as you enter the battlefield. It may be hard in the beginning, but that’s usually the case with everything worth your time.

You’ll start playing at level one after each death, but this doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage. Even a wooden sword can eliminate the bigger foes if wielded correctly.

How to play MineStrike.fun

To gain experience points and grow stronger you can either eat the plentiful meals scattered around the map or deliver killing blows on your enemies. Avoid the rotten potatoes, as they’ll reduce your XP, and scavenge for a helmet to give your character the ability to deflect a single strike.

Notice that your hero wields a weapon in the right hand, and the swing area of your attack covers roughly 180°. Missing an opponent with the attack will leave you vulnerable and stuck in the animation, so precise strikes are of the utmost importance.

Using the speed boost reduces your experience, so only take advantage of this ability when it’s necessary to outmaneuver and outplay your opponents.

What are the controls for MineStrike.fun?

MineStrike.fun is playable for free in a PC browser. Use your mouse to move the character, the left mouse button to attack, and the right mouse button to speed up.


  • A competitive online multiplayer action game
  • Plenty of useful items to pick up across the map
  • Each level upgrade increases the character’s size slightly
  • Up to 15 character levels

Release date

February 2020


K&S Games


All devices

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