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0.0 is an amazing multiplayer action game! Battle against hordes of opponents to death and earn gold to unlock upgrades for your character!

How to play

Compete in arenas and take down enemies to gain chests! Start off by only collecting the shiny rocks on the map. These will help you level up and improve your chances of defeating other players. Avoid the higher-level players at all costs! You’ll be no match against them and they’ll easily take you down. Instead, go for lower-level players who you can easily beat.


Chests are an important part of the game. They drop after players are eliminated and can be found in 5 different rarities, Wooden, Gold, Crystal, Magic and Divine. The level of loot you gain from them is determined by their rarity. The best strategy to progress quickly in the game is to sneakily grab chests dropped by other enemies and not engage directly. By doing so, you’ll gain good equipment quickly and will be able to take down stronger opponents faster!

What are the controls for

On desktop, use your left mouse button to attack your opponents. Use your mouse to guide your character and press the right mouse button to give yourself a speed boost.


On mobile, use the joystick to move to move your character and press the buttons available on the right side of the screen to attack and boost.


  • Unique experience! brings a unique experience! Collect chests and upgrade your equipment to take down all your opponents!
  • Multiplayer battle arena! Compete in arenas against players from all around the world to become the most gigantic giant possible!
  • Customizable characters! In you can customize characters too suit your playstyle! Unlock different characters by spending gold and have a blast!

November 2018

Night Steed Games

Cross platform