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Game Money Movers 3 preview
Game Money Movers 3 preview

Money Movers 3

Money Movers 3

Theatre mode
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9.1(11 votes)

Money Movers 3

The tables have turned in Money Movers 3. Now you’re playing guard duty instead of the usual breaking-out-of-prison in previous iterations of this awesome co-op franchise. You’re in control of a frail yet dexterous prison guard and a faithful Doberman canine companion to help you apprehend the baddies. Solve a variety of brain teasers while practicing your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The gameplay is designed around the well-orchestrated coordination between the law-enforcing partners. There are 20 levels available (+1 bonus) all presenting you with unique and brain-stimulating challenges. You’ve essentially a 2D platform/action/brain game with a simple yet ingenious idea behind it. And it all is executed flawlessly.

How to play Money Movers 3

The dog is a good boy and won’t bite, but once it approaches the perpetrators, they’re perplexed with terror. The frail-framed guard doesn’t stand a chance against the thugs head-on, and the only way to apprehend them is by relying on wits and the surprise factor. Using most of the movable objects to your advantage in each stage is the key to victory. The tricky part is figuring out the way to do this in an orderly and well-timed manner.

What are the controls for Money Movers 3?

You can couch co-op with a friend on a PC or enjoy the game solo on a mobile device, alternately swapping the controls between the guard and the dog. Use the WASD keys to move the guard and the arrow keys to move the Doberman if playing in a PC browser. Flip your phone or tablet horizontally, tap the upper right button to switch between the characters, and hold the arrow buttons to move.


  • An exquisite co-op action platform game
  • Prison guard and Doberman K9 apprehend jail-braking thugs
  • Brain-stimulating gameplay and eye-catching visuals
  • 20 ingeniously designed levels

Release date

November 2017




All devices

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