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Game Mr Bullet preview
Game Mr Bullet preview

Mr Bullet

Mr Bullet

Theatre mode
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7.5(12 votes)

Mr Bullet

There’s a new super-agent in town and no wrongdoer is safe from the righteous fury of Mr Bullet! In this exciting 2D pixelated platform shooter, the objective is to eliminate all hostile targets while using the least amount of ammo possible. The tricky part is that our protagonist is standing in a single spot, so you must wisely use the ricochet shots to hit the hard-to-get targets.

The graphics in this game are fairly simple, the music and sound effects are awesome, and the physics-based gameplay is quite addictive. After you’ve dealt with all the enemy spies in the Classic Mode, there are additional game modes such as Zombie, Granny, and Freddy, each providing fresh challenges. Additionally, there are a couple of hilarious character skins to unlock with the in-game currency by completing dozens of levels across 4 available campaigns.

How to play Mr Bullet

The pistol you’re carrying is equipped with laser aim assistance, and shooting down the hostile targets in your line of sight won’t be an issue. The hard part is taking down enemies behind solid covers, so you must experiment with different shooting angles to achieve this.

It often takes quite a few tries to complete a level, therefore it’s best to focus on figuring out the efficient ways of eliminating the hard-to-hit targets. Remember the spots you aimed at in previous attempts and compensate after each retry until you’ve got the desired results.

What are the controls for Mr Bullet?

This captivatingly simple 2D shooter works perfectly on all platforms. The controls for Mr Bullet on both PC and mobile are quite intuitive and easy to get into. Click or tap, then hold-and-drag to aim, and finally release to shoot.


  • A pixelated super-agent 2D shooter
  • Funny character skins and dozens of levels
  • Hard-to-hit targets, limited ammunition

Release date

August 2019




All devices

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