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After surviving a shipwreck, you're left with nothing but the most primitive of tools and a handful of resources to scavenge, barely enough to repair your broken raft and set sail towards a great destiny that awaits you in Oceania! Enjoy working your very own plot of land on a remote isle, and gradually build your base from the ground up in this relaxing real-time base-building browser survival game.

How to play Oceania

You can play Oceania for free in your browser without registration, or you can link the game profile with your Facebook account — the preferable option if you wish to save your progress and continue playing another day. Once you’ve harvested all the materials on the starting isle and managed to rebuild the raft, you must set sail once again in search of a good place to start your camp. The jungle may seem inhospitable at first, but with persistence and determination, you will gradually reshape the land to your liking. Complete quests, gain favors of the indigenous tribes, plant the crops, cook the food, raise a variety of farm animals and unlock new technologies. You can sell unwanted objects or well-fed animals whenever you need some extra profit. Craft more advanced tools in the workshop as you progress through the levels and buy new useful or decorative buildings at the shop.

What are the controls for Oceania?

Oceania is a point-and-click game you can play in your browser. The interface is well organized, and all of the controls are easily discerned. For additional information, hover the pointer over each of the icons, and the tooltips will pop up.


  • Real-time farming and base-building simulator
  • Relaxing and addictive gameplay with vivid graphics
  • Progress saving for die-hard survivors enabled with Facebook account-linking
  • Almost unlimited freedom in designing your colony

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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