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Party Toons


Party Toons

Party Toons is a crazy fun multiplayer action game. Join the party and compete against your friends in seven unique game modes!


How to play Party Toons?

Party Toons is a super fun game to play. You can play with up to four players on one device in seven distinct game modes. The game modes are:

  1. Flappy party. Fly as far as you can in this game mode and avoid hitting the pipes. Press the jump button to fly.
  2. Hurdle jumping. You have three lives in this mode, outrun your opponents, and avoid all the obstacles in your path to win!
  3. Strawberry catch. Catch strawberries falling from the sky! A tip to spot them before they land is to notice the shadows appearing on the map. Make sure you steer clear of the stones that fall!
  4. Geometry TV. Keep your reflexes sharp for this game mode! Memorize the symbol and point in which direction the shape appears to win more points!
  5. Bomb drop. Avoid the bombs that fall and kick them toward your opponents to stay on the platform and win!
  6. Ping pong. Move towards the ball and shoot to score a point. You’ll need three points to win in this mode.
  7. Popping. Balloons and bombs spawn in this game mode, make sure you only pop the balloons and not the bombs to win!


What are the controls for Party Toons?

The controls for Party Toons are very simple. The only controls you have in the game are the directional controls. On desktop, you can play with up to four players. The different controls for each player are:

  1. Player - Use the arrow keys.
  2. Player - Use WASD.
  3. Player - Use 8456.
  4. Player - Use UHJK.

On mobile, use the joystick available on the left-hand side of the screen for directional controls and the red button on the right side to jump.


  • Multiple game modes: There are multiple game modes in Party Toons for you to play.
  • Multiplayer: Play with up to four friends on one device in Party Toons.
  • Customization: Personalize your gameplay by buying unique hats and characters from the store.

May 2022


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