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Pop Words


Pop Words

Try out the Pop Words crossword puzzle game for free today! Combine letters into words or phrases to pop the bubbles below your feet. Beat your adversaries by forming the longest words available, and escape the villain who is slowly descending from the sky above. Compete against players worldwide and put your word-crafting skills to the ultimate test!

How to play Pop Words?

There are several scrambled letters to try and form a word from in Pop Words, and there isn’t much thinking time. The goal of each level is to descend below the clouds before your opponents or remain the last man standing. The number of balloons popped below your feet corresponds to the length of the word you manage to come up with. While trying to complete the longest word available, keep in mind that if you land directly atop a bomb, the game is over, and you’re forced to restart. Therefore, forming shorter words is sometimes the right thing to do, but you won’t be able to stall too much. The devil above your head is steadily descending after each round in an attempt to end your life. You’re encouraged to think outside the box while seeking just the right words. Some of the answers include but are not limited to the names of famous rappers or social media platforms.

What are the controls for Pop Words?

Pop Words is available on both smartphones and PC. When playing on a smartphone, tap the letters offered in a thought-out order to create words. The principle is the same for PC players —just use the left mouse button instead. Selected letters, if misplaced, can be removed from the word-forming boxes with the same command.


  • Multiplayer educational crossword game
  • Complete the longest words to beat your rivals
  • Learn some new words throughout various levels

March 2023


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