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Game Rail Maze Puzzle preview
Game Rail Maze Puzzle preview

Rail Maze Puzzle

Rail Maze Puzzle

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Rail Maze Puzzle

Make sure all the trains reach the stations of their corresponding color in the witty 2D Rail Maze Puzzle! Your job is to timely change the railroad’s directions at various intersections to keep all the operations running smoothly. There are a total of 30 levels available, and while the introductory ones do feel like a walk in the park, the gameplay quickly becomes more challenging.

The visual design is gorgeous and tailored to be especially appealing for kids and toddlers. To complete a level, you don’t have to get it all right, so despite the increased complexity later on, there’s room for a couple of misplays still. Help all the passengers reach their desired destinations without stalling and live up to the expectations of such a responsible role!

How to play Rail Maze Puzzle

The first intersection is usually the most important one since once the train enters the tracks, you don’t really have much time to react and change the railroad’s course. Scan the level quickly to figure out where the trains of specific colors should be heading, and always keep this information in mind.

While it’s satisfying to watch a train reach its destination, once you’ve set up the correct path for it, you mustn’t sit idle because there’s always another one coming. Additionally, once it has passed an intersection, focus on the train behind it and rotate the tracks quickly if necessary. Essentially, you always want to be a few steps ahead of the game.

What are the controls for Rail Maze Puzzle?

You can play Rail Maze Puzzle on both PC and mobile web, but we preferred playing it slightly more on a touchscreen device. Tap or click on the multiple railroad intersections to rotate the tracks and ensure all the trains reach the stations of their matching colors.


  • An entertaining railroad puzzle for all ages
  • Cute graphics and catchy sound effects
  • 30 levels of increasing complexity

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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