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0 is a fun-filled .IO game. Successfully pull off pranks to cause chaos in your school to win!

How to play is an easy game to play! When playing as a student, the aim of the game is to cause the most chaos you can in your break. Pick up items you find to throw them on the floor or at your teachers. Interact with objects like markers, clothes, bunsen burners, and footballs to spread more mayhem. Try to hide from the teachers after causing mischief to avoid being sent to detention. Detention doesn’t take up too much time but it’s always better to avoid getting caught as every second is essential to winning.


If you’re playing as a teacher, you need to spy on your students stirring up commotions to catch them. A tip to catch your students is to monitor them from neighboring rooms, dark areas or a bush! Make your job easy by pushing valuable items behind windows so students can’t get to them. Also, try riding a bike to get from one room to another quicker, just don’t try turning with one as it’s very slow.


In, you can either join a lobby or make your own custom lobby. Invite your friends and have a blast playing the game!

What are the controls for

On desktop, use the WASD keys as your directional controls. Use your right mouse button to grab/drop items and the left mouse button to use them. Press and hold the left mouse button for a long interaction with the item. You can also press and hold the right mouse button to throw or to dash forward.

On mobile, use the joystick to move around. Press the blue button to grab objects and press and hold to throw. Use the yellow button to use items and to interact with them.


  • Multiplayer mode! Play with your friends and have fun causing chaos!
  • Character customization. Customize your character by buying unique skins!
  • Unique .io experience! is a unique game that you can play as either a teacher or a student!

March 2023


Cross platform