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Game Shadow Ninja Revenge preview
Game Shadow Ninja Revenge preview

Shadow Ninja Revenge

Shadow Ninja Revenge

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9.6(75 votes)

Shadow Ninja Revenge

Arashi has been imprisoned for 10 long years, and after finally breaking the chains, he’s set to take vengeance on his captors. Coming home only to find out his wife had been murdered and his son kidnapped, his anger is fueled even further, his determination is unwavering, and the Shadow Ninja Revenge begins.

This is a top-tier 2D action platformer featuring sinister Japanese-styled visual design, responsive controls, story-telling elements, character upgrades, and captivating gameplay. Avoid deadly obstacles and eliminate countless enemies on your righteous path while moving dexterously and using stealth as an element of surprise to catch the foes off guard.

How to play Shadow Ninja Revenge

The mandatory tutorial does a great job of introducing you to the basic game mechanics. Each level is linear, meaning you’ll move from left to right until you’ve reached the gate at the very end. On the way, you’ll run through checkpoints, so you won’t have to start from the very beginning should you fail.

In each level, you’ll collect scrolls necessary to progress to the next stage. Sometimes, these will be well hidden, so keep your eyes open and stay alert. Make sure to upgrade the character’s abilities as soon as you’ve gathered enough funds, as this will greatly help you in completing the upcoming levels.

What are the controls for Shadow Ninja Revenge?

You can play Shadow Ninja Revenge on both PC and mobile devices, but we enjoyed it slightly better on a bigger screen. Tap the easily discerned buttons on mobile to move, jump, throw shuriken, use the katana, and the disguise ability. The PC controls are shown in the list below:

  • WASD/arrow keys — move, jump, and double jump
  • J — throw shuriken
  • K — dash with the sword equipped
  • L — use the disguise skill


  • A top-tier 2D action platformer
  • Story-telling, immersive sounds, sinister graphics
  • Captivating skill-based gameplay, fluid animations
  • Ability upgrades and character skins

Release date

March 2022




All devices

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