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Skeleton Hunter

A peaceful village is raided by hordes of rampaging skeletons, and only a true Skeleton Hunter can save the day! You’re everyone’s only hope for salvation — they’re the lucky ones — you’ve been preparing for this feat of strength all your life.

They’re running at you from all sides, you mustn’t get surrounded. Move dexterously and shoot your bow efficiently. You’ll soon be thankful for packing infinite arrows in that magical quiver. Evil shall not prevail!

How to play Skeleton Hunter

The objective in Skeleton Hunter is to survive 8 waves of mindless undead running straight at you. This isn’t much of a problem in the first few waves, but the game quickly becomes much more intense and interesting.

Keep your distance from enemies at all times — you’re an archer, after all — and skeletons are only packing melee weapons. They’re coming at you at various speeds, but you can probably outrun even the fastest of them. The latter is only true if you’re running forward — moving sideways or backwards will reduce your movement speed.

If any of the skeletons get in melee range, you won't be able to shoot it at such a close distance. In these cases, you should run away to a secure spot and only turn around once you've created decent separation. Looking back, you’ll often see the undead running at you in lines, thus making your job of putting them to rest much easier. Kill multiple lured enemies by exploding the barrels for extra style points.

What are the controls for Skeleton Hunter?

Skeleton Hunter is currently exclusively available in a PC browser — a keyboard and a mouse are required to play.

  • WASD keys — movement
  • Navigate mouse — aim
  • Left click — shoot


  • Extraordinary third-person shooter
  • Shoot down hordes of rampaging skeletons coming at you in waves
  • Addictive gameplay

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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