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Skyblock is an exquisite 2D Minecraft-inspired survival platform game featuring a complex crafting system and entertaining gameplay. You’re starting the adventure on a tiny floating isle with just a handful of resources to harvest. Express your creativity and build amazing things, save your progress to come back, and continue your daring journey anytime you feel like it.

Assemble a shelter, craft various tools and weapons, and once your plot of land is not big enough for your ambitious endeavors, construct bridges to explore the wilderness beyond. Make sure you’re well equipped for the treacherous road ahead, though — everything that moves is hostile and trying to kill you. 

How to play Skyblock

To survive for as long as possible, you must look after your health and hunger bars. You will respawn upon inevitably dying, so don’t worry too much about it in the beginning, but rather simply explore your surroundings. Chop a tree, dig up some ore, and then make something using the gathered materials.

The NPCs grow more aggressive in the nighttime, so setting up some sort of a base to survive the first night in is a good place to start. Build basic weapons and go out hunting! The game is quite casual and relaxing and allows for much freedom to do anything you feel like and have a great time while doing it.

What are the controls for Skyblock?

Skyblock is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Use WASD or tap and hold the controller icon to move. Click or tap to explore the interface, crafting, inventory, and other object-specific interactions.


  • 2D Minecraft-inspired platform survival game
  • Base building simulation with a complex crafting system
  • Plenty of tools, weapons, and other valuable items
  • Up to 3 game saves

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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