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Sniper King 2D The Dark City


Sniper King 2D The Dark City

Sniper King 2D The Dark City is a puzzle shooting game where you work as a sniper to eliminate enemies and help your team from a distance using your sniper rifle. The smooth gameplay allows you to navigate into the darkness and spot your enemies without being detected. On different levels, you’ll be given different objectives to complete the mission.

Being a sniper, you need to be extra accurate, as there are no second chances. Follow the “one shot, one kill” rule and make every bullet count.

How to Play Sniper King 2D The Dark City

Press the “Play” button and wait for the game to load. After the loading is completed, you’ll be taken straight to the main menu. In the storyline before the main game begins, it’s told that a rebel group has taken over the city. You’ve been appointed as the support guy for the special team. There are 30 different challenging levels, with various objectives to complete. The accuracy of your shot and the ability to use stealth matter in this game. By clearing missions, you can earn money to buy upgrades.

What are the controls of Sniper King 2D The Dark City?

Sniper King 2D The Dark City is available on both smartphones and computers. Playing this game on a larger screen, such as a PC, requires you to use your mouse. You can use the following controls:

  • Aim at Enemies - Moving Mouse
  • Shoot - Left Click

You can aim and shoot with the help of your smartphone’s touchscreen by tapping and dragging with your finger.


  • Various objectives
  • 30 Interesting Levels
  • High-quality graphics

October 2022


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