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Game Space Conflict preview

Space Conflict

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Space Conflict

Destroy incoming meteors and survive for as long as possible in the never-ending Space Conflict — an incredible 2D survival shooter game. This relaxing game isn't the hardest in the world, but the endless gameplay makes it challenging, and only the most skilled pilots can set the highest scores. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to get into, but you must act quickly to destroy and avoid all incoming objects. Protect your spaceship vigilantly, navigate carefully, and keep firing at all times.

How to play Space Conflict

Remaining focused is crucial if you want to stay alive for a long time, and this is easier said than done. The playthrough doesn't end after a single death, but you have up to 3 lives to set the high score. Learn from your mistakes, avoid them in the future, rinse, and repeat.

You don't need to move your spaceship far from the center of your screen. Staying close to the edges isn't a good idea because you'll have less time to react if a meteor is coming at you from that particular direction. Keep your spacecraft in the center as much as possible and only leave it to avoid imminent collisions. Regain the optimal position after you've dealt with the incoming threats.

What are the controls for Space Conflict?

Space Conflict is playable for free on both PC and mobile devices. On PC, use the arrow keys to turn left or right or move the spacecraft forward, and press the space button to shoot. If playing on mobile, use the joystick button to Navigate ship and tap the Fire button to shoot.


  • Relaxing 2D space-themed shooter
  • Endless gameplay
  • Up to 3 lives available in a single playthrough to set the high score

Release date

January 2023


GameEon Studios


All devices

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