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Spin Master

Spin Master is a thrilling and addictive 2D action game featuring challenging gameplay and RPG elements. The main protagonist can telekinetically spin dozens of blades around him, thus creating a lethal barrier. The monsters are coming in swarms, and slaying them all is no easy feat. You must skillfully move the character close enough to your enemies to hit them with the blade cyclone while avoiding direct contact.

There are over 90 stages available in this amazing action-packed game, and every 5th level features a boss fight. The boss fights are designed really well, even the first encounter being quite challenging. If you got what it takes to beat them, you’ll unlock new characters and abilities but also upgrade the existing ones. This excellent game has a steep learning curve, but the gameplay is so rewarding and addictive, you won’t get bored of it anytime soon.

How to play Spin Master

While the very basics are explained in the first stage, this game isn’t all that easy. The key to victory is learning the AI movement inputs for each encountered monster. Use the entire stage to avoid getting cornered, and try to get rid of the lowest hit-point monsters first.

By killing certain types of monsters, you’ll be able to pick up various boosts. Don’t go out of your way to pick them up because this may often lead to your demise (don’t ask me how I know). Since the boost has a limited duration, activating it in a forethought moment can turn the tide of the battle.

What are the controls for Spin Master?

Spin Master is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click, then hold to move your character.


  • Addictive and challenging 2D action game
  • Spectacular monster-slaying with spinning blades
  • Many different characters, bosses, and skills available

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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