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Sprinter Heroes


Sprinter Heroes

Sprinter is a captivating game for sports fans. With its help, you become a real sprinter from the comfort of your own home. All you need is patience because it is not always easy to be the first to the finish line. Your opponents are getting faster and faster, and the distance is still very short. There's very little time left to catch up. Sprinter will be a real discovery for people who are nostalgic for the classic runner games. In the game, you will have to fight for the title of the best. Will you be the winner? You won't know until you try.

How to play Sprinter

So, to begin with, you should understand that sprinting is about short distances, where the main thing is to develop maximum speed from the very beginning. You will find yourself on a treadmill with several competitors. You will start with simple competitions. And go from the city and school races to real competitions for serious sports titles. Your task is to figure out how to effectively compete with the others and reach maximum speed. Take into account the fact that with each new competition, not only you will become stronger, but also your competitors. Over time you will notice that they have become much faster. Show your skills and mental agility to beat everyone in Sprinter!


  • Can only be played online in the browser version.
  • A classic design that will not leave players who love racing indifferent.
  • Has no age restrictions.
  • Winning the race is more difficult with each new competition.
  • Simple to control but has very interesting mechanics.

August 2022


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