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Stack Bike


Stack Bike

Leave your competition in the dust as you race towards the finish line in Stack Bike. Ride along the sunny beach and try to stack up as many bystanders on your bike as possible while doing fancy jumps. Each passenger you pick up will gradually increase your cycling speed, thus paving your way to victory.

How to play Stack Bike?

The main objective is to gather as many NPCs as possible to join your Stack Bike cycling crew. You can recruit these bystanders by simply riding through them. Once you do, they’ll hop on your bike, thus adding extra manpower and increasing the cycling speed. You can perform flashy, long jumps with your pedal buddies by tackling the ramps scattered along the track for extra style points.

Try to pick up the first bystander to empower your squad as soon as possible since if your rivals manage to do it before you, you may not have enough time to catch up with them. If you hit an obstacle on the trail, one of your crew members will perish, weakening your team. As the opponents try to overtake you, you can slow them down by toppling over one of their team members with a timely bump. Look ahead and choose an optimal route — this is often the one with the most NPCs closely stacked in a single lane.

What are the controls for Stack Bike?

Stack Bike is playable in your PC browser for free. Press and hold the left or right mouse buttons, then move the mouse left or right to steer your bike.


  • Bicycle racing simulator
  • Pick up unsuspecting swimmers at the beach to gain speed
  • Win races to unlock new levels

March 2023


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