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Game Striker Dummies preview
Game Striker Dummies preview

Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies

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Striker Dummies

The wooden mannequins come to life, equip heavy 2-hand maces, and engage in multiple rounds of merciless melee fights in Striker Dummies! You can play against a friend in a thrilling 2-player battle or perfect your maul swinging against an AI dummy across three difficulties. Whoever wins the 5 rounds first is victorious.

This awesome melee fighting simulation game aims to deliver an authentic two-handed weapon-wielding experience. Protect yourself at all costs, and deal powerful blows to your rival to annihilate it. If neither of the players manages to deliver a knockout, the winner is the one with more health points at the end of a 30-second round.

How to play Striker Dummies

Swinging a heavy two-hander is very tiresome, so besides health, you must keep an eye out for the stamina bar. As in any fighting game, the key to success is deciding when to strike and when to parry or dodge.

This game is quite difficult to master, but the gameplay is really interesting, and even the slightest of inputs can make a big difference. Clinch fighting is a big part of this game, and you can dismantle the rival dummy with a couple of well-placed nudges and blows.

It takes some time to lift the maul above your head to get enough momentum for a full-power swing. This move also leaves your body unprotected, but once you’ve learned to do it just right, it’s really rewarding.

What are the controls for Striker Dummies?

At this time, you can play Striker Dummies exclusively in a PC browser. Use WASD/arrow keys to swing the maul at your opponent as Player1/Player2.


  • A wooden dummy 2-handed mace fighting simulation
  • Three difficulty levels against AI opponents
  • 2-player game mode
  • The first one to win 5 time-limited rounds is victorious

Release date

August 2019


Vardan Aleksanyan


All devices

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