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Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy is a Mario-like 2D platformer featuring arcade-style sound effects and retro graphics. The beloved princess is abducted, and our protagonist will go to great lengths to save her, facing many perils and obstacles along the way. There are 15 levels available, and you’ll have to try really hard to complete them all.

The controls are very responsive, simple, and intuitive, which makes the challenging gameplay a bit easier to master. It’s going to take a lot of attempts to even reach the final boss, and defeating the vicious red bird to save the princess is an excruciating feat. If you’re not up to the challenge, better turn away now!

How to play Super Onion Boy

Each stage has a generous 300-second timer, and while it’s highly unlikely to perish due to the time limitation, you’ll score more points for completing the level faster. There are coins and stars to pick up along the way that also boost the final score, but you shouldn’t really focus on collecting them all, at least on your first playthrough.

The bubbles you can pick up won’t only absorb a single blow but also provide the slow fall ability. This mechanic is essential for getting over big gaps and traversing difficult sections of many levels smoothly.

What are the controls for Super Onion Boy?

You can try to beat Super Onion Boy on mobile devices or PC. All the buttons are easily discerned while playing on mobile, and the PC controls are shown below.

  • Arrow keys — run, delve into hatches, use ladders
  • X — Jump
  • Hold X — Jump higher/slow fall (while inside the bubble)
  • Z — Shoot (after picking up the red potion)


  • An exquisite Mario-like 2D platformer
  • Old-school vibes, retro graphics, challenging gameplay
  • 15 levels and a really hard final boss

Release date

November 2019


PowerSlash Studios


All devices

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