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Game SUPERHOTline Miami preview
Game SUPERHOTline Miami preview

SUPERHOTline Miami

SUPERHOTline Miami

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8.6(7 votes)

SUPERHOTline Miami

SUPERHOTline Miami is a unique blend of the intense action of Hotline Miami and the strategic slow-motion gameplay of SUPERHOT. In this fan-made game, time only moves when you do, offering a tactical top-down shooting experience. This concept not only adds a strategic layer to the gameplay but also significantly changes the emotional response to the action, making it less about visceral, fast-paced combat and more about methodical, puzzle-like problem-solving.

How to play SUPERHOTline Miami?

In SUPERHOTline Miami, your objective is to eliminate all adversaries in each level. The gameplay involves navigating through rooms, tactically taking out enemies who are often better armed. The unique mechanic where time moves only when you move allows for dodging bullets and carefully planning attacks. The game emphasizes the importance of strategy over speed, with players needing to account for enemy positions, weapon availability, and their movements. It's not just about reacting quickly, but also thinking ahead and predicting enemy actions.

What are the controls for SUPERHOTline Miami?

  • WASD keys: Move your character
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot / Punch / Steal weapon
  • Right Mouse Button: Throw weapon / Pickup weapon
  • Shift: Move camera
  • Escape: Go back to menu
  • P: Full screen
  • M: Mute music


  • Time manipulation mechanic where time progresses only when you move
  • Top-down perspective offering a strategic view of the action
  • Levels filled with numerous enemies, each posing a unique challenge
  • Simplistic yet captivating graphics, merging two distinct game styles
  • Puzzle-like elements where careful planning is rewarded
  • Intense and strategic gameplay that keeps you engaged and wanting more

Release date

September 2017





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