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8.8(34 votes)


Suroi.io is an open-source 2D battle royale game that draws inspiration from the now extinct Surviv.io. The game offers a fast-paced survival experience where you get to battle against other players in order to be the last one standing!

How to play Suroi?

In Suroi, your goal is to be the last player alive in a fast-paced battle royale setting. You start each game by parachuting onto a dynamically generated map where you must quickly find gear, weapons, and health supplies. The game offers a variety of weapons and equipment that can be found scattered across the map or in specific locations like buildings and containers. The play area gradually shrinks, pushing players closer to one another and increasing the pace and intensity of the combat.

Equip yourself well by looting houses and areas around the map, and make smart decisions on when to engage or hide when it comes to other players.

What are the controls for Suroi?

  • Movement: Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move your character around the map.
  • Aiming and Shooting: Use the mouse to aim and left-click to shoot.
  • Reload: R
  • Equip primary weapon: 1
  • Equip secondary weapon: 2
  • Equip melee: 3
  • Equip / cycle throwable: 4
  • Gauze: 7
  • Medikit: 8
  • Cola: 9
  • Tablets: 0
  • Equip last weapon: Q
  • Equip previous / next weapon: Mouse wheel up / down
  • Equip other gun: Spacebar
  • Swap gun slots: T
  • Interact / Pick Up Items: Press F to pick up items.
  • Cancel action: X
  • Fullscreen map: G / M
  • Use Item: Press the right-click to use the equipped item, such as grenades.
  • Fullscreen Mode: Press F11 to toggle fullscreen mode.


  • Dynamic Maps: Each game features a randomly generated map to keep every match fresh and challenging
  • Solo and Duo Modes: Switches between solo and duo modes every 24 hours based on player count
  • Open Source: You can contribute to the game’s development
  • Customizable Settings and Controls: Extensive customization options for controls, graphics, and gameplay settings

Release date

May 2024


Hasanger Games


All devices

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