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Survival Squidly Game


Survival Squidly Game

Step in the shoes of a vying player in Survival Squidly Game, the ultimate browser survival game inspired by the Netflix series renowned worldwide. If you ever watched the show, you were probably wondering how it would feel to take part in such an unforgiving contest. Well, this is your lucky day, then, since this game enables you to do just that without putting yourself in harm’s way. Compete in six different stages and best your adversaries to win the ultimate prize!

How to play Survival Squidly Game

Survival Squidly Game features six different stages, the first being “Red light – Green light”. Move only when the giant doll turns its back on you, don’t rush it. In the second round, the “Dalgona Candy”, you’re required to carve out a shape from a round cookie with a needle, so you got to keep your hands steady. Up next is the “Tug of war” — tap the controls as fast as possible to pull your opponents into the abyss. In the “Marble game”, you must guess correctly how many marbles your opponent is holding in their hand until you’ve seized all of them. After surviving all these, you’ll proceed to the “Glass bridge”, where on each step, a wrong choice is deadly. In the final stage, you get to fight your opponent in a merciless brawl to the death. Do you have what it takes you make it all the way and become the ultimate survivor?

What are the controls for Survival Squidly Game?

As you start each available round, the controls will be explained via easily discerned tooltips.


  • A thrilling Squid Game experience
  • Brag about your high scores across social media
  • Challenging yet enjoyable gameplay

March 2023


Cross platform