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Game Tanks 2D: Tank Wars preview
Game Tanks 2D: Tank Wars preview

Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

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Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Tanks 2D: Tank Wars is an exciting driving shooter featuring a total of 60 action-packed levels, 8 playable tanks, and extremely challenging boss fights. You’ll earn coins for eliminating various enemies and completing levels to spend later on various vehicle upgrades and special abilities, namely airstrikes and tank repair kits.

The simplicity of the 2D graphics is eye-catching, the sound effects are immersive, and the gameplay is catchy. Each level is linear, meaning you’ll move from left to right until you’ve defeated all the enemies to complete the current stage. New layers of difficulty are gradually introduced, with different types of enemy units entering the battlefields while you’re progressing through the game.

How to play Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Every enemy unit you encounter has specific strengths and weaknesses. Learning to play around the strengths and exploit the weaknesses are the keys to victory. Don’t spend the hard-earned coins on upgrades unless you’re really struggling since saving some cash will allow you to unlock the next tier tank sooner. Analyze the enemy vehicle models and adjust your shooting trajectory to avoid ricochets that cause no damage.

What are the controls for Tanks 2D: Tank Wars?

You can play Tanks 2D: Tank Wars on both PC and mobile devices, but since you usually must use more than a single command at once, you might enjoy it slightly more in a PC browser. Use the W/S keys to adjust the angle of your turret, the A/D keys to drive, and the spacebar to fire rounds. Left-click the icons at the bottom of your screen to repair the tank or call for an airstrike. Tap the easily discerned buttons on mobile to play.


  • An action-packed 2D tank driving and shooting simulation
  • Up to 60 progressively more challenging liner levels
  • 8 playable tanks, stat upgrades, boss fights

Release date

October 2022


Mirra Games


All devices

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