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Tomb Runner

Grab that diamond and RUN! Tomb Runner is a Temple Run-inspired game where you run after taking a precious diamond from a tomb, avoiding traps, obstacles, and other obstructions in the way!

How to play Tomb Runner?

Playing Tomb Runner sounds as how it says, you run while avoiding and crossing broken bridges as you get as much distance as you can while collecting coins which you can use to get different characters. There are also several power-ups that can help you in various ways, and the game speeds up as you get as far as you can, such as the magnet which lets you get coins without needing to get them, [x2] which doubles the coins you get, or the shield which lets you turn ghost and go through obstacles!

Jump over ‘em – Jumping over broken bridges or waylaid debris, these can also be used to go for power-ups instead of coins, though keep in mind the gap!

Slide through! – Some gaps can’t be crossed over by jumping, instead, settle for sliding through these obstacles!

Evade those traps! – Veer left or right to evade traps or obstacles as you go further, and with the difficulty climbing as soon as you get far into the game, there may be a series of evasive turns that you’d need to accomplish! Last as long as you can!

What are the controls for Tomb Runner?

  • Use the Arrow Keys or WASD to move.
  • A/Left or D/Right Arrow keys to evade left or right.
  • W/Up Arrow key to jump over.
  • S/Down Arrow key to slide down.


  • Smooth Graphics – The stylized graphics are quite good, and transitions are smooth-sailing without much stuttering!
  • Multiple Characters – You can purchase other characters by buying them with the coins you collect throughout the run.
  • Dynamic Difficulty – As you get further into the run, the speed increases as well as the build-up of obstacles that blocks you on the way.

Release date

May 2017





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