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Game Uphill Rush 11 preview
Game Uphill Rush 11 preview

Uphill Rush 11

Uphill Rush 11

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Uphill Rush 11

Ride your way across exhilarating water slides on a luxurious cruise ship for free today in Uphill Rush 11! Glide away on dizzying slides, lean your raft to perform stunts, and keep balance. Collect coins to unlock new characters, banana boats, jet skis, and even dolphins to ride on! Reach top speeds in up to 20 available levels in this thrilling action-packed game, featuring vivid 2D graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

How to play Uphill Rush 11

The faster you can slide, the more interesting this game gets. At the very beginning, you’ll be riding a humble water tube, but soon enough, you’ll be able to unlock many different powerful rafts, and even the top-tier dolphins. Any ride you select has 4 base stats: acceleration, speed, balance, and boost. Each of these attributes can be further upgraded until you’ve reached the allowed cap.

The water slides you’ll ride on are reminiscent of roller coasters, so in many situations, you’ll be riding upside-down. It’s important to keep traction with the slide surface whenever possible to avoid capsizing. If you fall on your head, the game is over, and you’ll have to restart the stage from a previously reached checkpoint. After big leaps, lean forward or back to perform fancy flips and gain additional stunt points.

What are the controls for Uphill Rush 11?

Uphill Rush 11 is currently exclusively available in a PC browser, and a keyboard is required to play.

  • Arrow up — gain speed
  • Arrow down — reduce speed
  • Arrow right — lean right
  • Arrow left — lean left
  • Space — speed boost


  • Glide down 20 dizzying water slides in a spectacular manner
  • Unlock plenty of swaggy characters
  • Buy different rafts to ride on — water tubes, jet skis, and even dolphins
  • Upgrade their stats to reach mind-blowing speeds

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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