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Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark

Hop on the water donut and enjoy the wild ride up and down the dizzying waterslides in Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark! Perform gravity-defying stunts, get bonus points for crashing into unsuspecting amusement park visitors, and collect coins to unlock hilarious character skins and epic new rafts in the Store.

The gameplay is fast-paced and adrenaline-packed, while the game features Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels. The key to success is delicately tilting your raft left or right to avoid falling on your head, which is easier said than done. There are only up to 2 races in each difficulty, but you have a limited amount of lives to complete them both, so achieving this isn’t so simple even on Easy.

How to play Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark

The key to victory is tilting your raft to land parallel to the surface of the water. There are plenty of checkpoints you’ll respawn at scattered across each of the races, so make sure to learn to avoid the misplays on the next try.

You'll rarely, if ever, need to slow down, so make sure to focus entirely on the angular momentum of your raft. This game is all about the subtle mid-air adjustments to make for optimal landings.

What are the controls for Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark?

You can play Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark on both PC and mobile devices. 

Use the easily discerned buttons on your mobile to accelerate, go in reverse if necessary, tilt your raft left or right, and perform stunts. 

The PC controls are as shown below:

  • Accelerate — arrow up
  • Reverse — arrow down
  • Lean back — arrow left
  • Lean forward — arrow right
  • Jump/Stunt — Space


  • 2D water park tube sliding simulation
  • Plenty of hilarious characters and raft skins
  • Fast-paced and addictive gameplay

Release date

May 2017


Azerion Casual Games


All devices


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