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0 is an action-packed shooter game. Choose the hero which suits your playstyle and have fun playing the multiple modes in the game!

How to play is an easy game to play, you’ll start off by selecting your hero. Choose the hero you’d be more comfortable playing as they determine your playstyle. You can change this later if you want so feel free to try them all out. There are five official maps in, each with different game modes you can play in.

  1. Sierra. It’s the main map with a small loadout, play in a free for all and eliminate all your opponents to win!
  2. Tundra. In Tundra, you can play Gun Game! Its an arms race gun mode where the player levels up their weapon after reaching a specific amount of kills with it. Keep gunning down your opponents to achieve victory!
  3. Mistle. Push the payload and complete the objective as a team! It’s the biggest map offers and is best suited for snipers.
  4. Temple. Collect coins and drop them off at the temple. Plenty of chasing and action in this map.
  5. Sandstormblitz. An experimental map where you can glide and snipe your opponents.


Other than these, you have your parkour and sniper maps. You can invite your friends to play and have fun trying them out together! Your goal is to exterminate all opponents in sight to win.

What are the controls for

On desktop, use the WASD keys as your directional controls and spacebar to jump. Use the left mouse button to shoot and the right mouse button to scope in. Other than these, you can use your melee weapon by pressing E and throw grenades by pressing F. After an epic kill, you can also press H to emote on your opponent!

On mobile, press the buttons on the screen to play. They’ve all been labeled purposefully so they’re easy to use and understand. Use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move!


  • Action-packed game! is filled with action to the brim! Experience a fun shooting game to its fullest potential!
  • Personalization! You can choose your playstyle in! Play the way you want to without any restrictions from the game!
  • Smooth gameplay! The gameplay is silky smooth! Even when playing on servers continents away you shouldn’t face any lag whatsoever!

May 2020

Cem Demir

Cross platform