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Game Vex 3 preview
Game Vex 3 preview

Vex 3

Vex 3

Theatre mode
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9.5(23 votes)

Vex 3

A labyrinth filled with thrilling traps, secret doors, puzzles, and layouts, Vex 3 is the third in the Vex game series of skill based games that require precision and timing in your movements. The complex play style that this game brings exceeds any other similar type of game. With a very eye-catching, stick-figure-type atmosphere, the game shows promise right from the get-go. The game contains different ‘acts’ that you must progress through to become the victor.

How to play Vex 3?

There are 10 different acts in total in the game, and you must complete each one in order to proceed to the next. Meaning that you’ll have to escape deadly spikes, traps, and devices that are scattered and hidden throughout the layout. Be sure to make it to the nearest checkpoint, because if you die, it will be where you respawn. The more you progress, the more seemingly difficult the acts will get requiring you to have more focus and correct timing. Of course, no accomplishment will be left unanswered as the game will award you with trophies for your success.

Stick-man games have never been more fun as you dive bombs, rush spikes, and fling through zip lines. Danger is around every corner with every step you make. Be sure to have a cool head as you make your escape through the levels to ensure victory and survival.

What are the controls for Vex 3?

  • The controls are super simple and easy to get used to. When playing on your PC, you only have to use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to make the character move sideways, jump and slide
  • When playing on your mobile, press the left and right arrow keys on the left of your screen to make the character move sideways. Press the jump button to jump and the slide button to slide and drop


  • 10 mind bending acts to play through
  • Various exciting optional challenges
  • Beautiful cartoon-type environment

Release date

August 2014


Amazing Adam


All devices

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