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Wormate.io is a thrilling multiplayer game where you control a cute and colorful worm trying to grow bigger by eating sweets and other tasty treats.

How to play Wormate.io?

In Wormate.io, you start as a small worm to become a large anaconda. Feed on the sweets scattered on the map to grow stronger. You can also use boosts to move faster and attract food from a distance to gain points quicker. There are two main modes in which you can play Wormate.io:

  1. Arena. It’s a free-for-all-styled game mode where you ingest sweets to make your worm grow bigger. The player with the most points is highlighted at the top of the screen. Be in the top ten most points to show up on the leaderboard.
  2. Two Teams. This is a game mode where you’re split into two teams. You can team up with your friends in this mode. Put on the most weight and take down your enemies to win. There’s less competition in this game mode as half of the players are friendly and can not be attacked.

To take down opponents, you’ll have to focus and strategize. Start by stalking and encircling the smaller worms to gain points. Then, once you’ve put on some weight go for the bigger worms to take them down.

What are the controls for Wormate.io?

On desktop:

  • Use your mouse to guide your worm and eat sweets.
  • To boost your worm, press the left mouse button.

On mobile:

  • Use the joystick to move your worm.
  • To boost, tap on the screen.


  • Multiplayer! Share the fun with your friends in Wormate.io. Invite them to play and have a blast together!
  • Customization. Add some personalization to your worm by changing its skin!
  • Multiple game modes! There are a total of two distinct modes available to play in Wormate.io. The goal is to eat as many sweets as you can and gain the most weight to reach the leaderboard.

Release date

October 2016


Oleksandr Godoba


All devices

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