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Zombie Monster Truck

You won’t reach far while driving a regular car in the undead-plagued post-apocalyptic world, but the Zombie Monster Truck can take you anywhere! This extraordinary 2D driving game features up to 12 amazing rides, plenty of upgrades for each car, enjoyable graphics, and a realistic physics engine.

Traverse greater distances, run over the zombies, and collect hidden chests to earn coins and upgrade your fearsome vehicles in between the attempts. The gameplay is quite challenging, and to progress further, you’ll have to keep your vehicle up to date and invest money regularly. There are many stages to complete, vehicles to unlock, and hordes of zombies to eliminate. You surely won’t get bored of this awesome game anytime soon!

How to play Zombie Monster Truck

Driving efficiently is key to reaching greater distances, and while upgrading your fuel tank capacity is essential, it won’t be enough. If you want to get far, you’ll have to upgrade different aspects of your car. The best strategy for long-term success is distributing the hard-earned cash evenly to enhance multiple components.

Your ride isn’t fragile, but crashing into obstacles will stall it a bit and cost you valuable gas. Save some fuel by releasing the throttle if you’re going downhill. Additionally, don’t use acceleration if the vehicle is in mid-air. For best performance, try rotating your vehicle to land smoothly on the road, and only push the gas pedal when all four wheels grip the surface.

What are the controls for Zombie Monster Truck?

Zombie Monster Truck is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Tap the icons in the interface to control the vehicle on mobile. The PC controls are shown below.

  • W — accelerate
  • A — roll left
  • D — roll right
  • Space — turbo


  • An extraordinary post-apocalyptic 2D driving simulation
  • Up to 12 formidable vehicles to unlock and upgrade
  • Highly entertaining and challenging gameplay
  • Plenty of stages ensure countless hours of entertainment

Release date

November 2022


Inlogic Software


All devices

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