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12 MiniBattles

It’s time for the ultimate clash against your arch-rival in an old-fashioned 2-player madness brought to you by 12 MiniBattles. This awesome action-packed arcade game features dozens of cleverly designed mini-games and multiple game genres — sports, action, platform, shooting — you name it! Win countless battles and earn the bragging rights of being a superior all-around player!

While some key design features are similar throughout all the challenges, there are still plenty of differences, so each battle requires a slightly different approach. This makes the gameplay highly entertaining, even in the single-player game mode. For the ultimate experience, it’s highly recommended to challenge a friend to a not-so-friendly duel.

How to play 12 MiniBattles

To keep things interesting, each mini-game is selected randomly. The controls are quite simple, and you’ll use a single button to act in each of the challenges. You’ll surely find some games more enjoyable than others, but even the ones that would feel like a drag while playing solo are actually enjoyable in the 2-player competitive setting.

It’s important to understand the win condition as soon as you enter the battle. Quick adaptation and fast action are essential to improve your chances of winning. The mini-games of the same sub-genre are fairly similar, so honing your skills in any of them will help you master the rest. Some levels will simply test your reaction times, while others require you to plan a few steps ahead to come on top.

What are the controls for 12 MiniBattles?

You can play 12 MiniBattles on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click the buttons or use the keyboard shortcuts to perform various actions.


  • An action-packed arcade game
  • 2-player and single-player game modes
  • Dozens of cleverly designed battles 
  • Multiple sub-genres — shooting, driving, platform, sports, action

Release date

April 2019


Shared Dreams


All devices

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