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American Truck Car Driving


American Truck Car Driving

Experience the thrill of being a trucker today in American Truck Car Driving! Driving a big rig isn’t simply a job but also a lifestyle, fortunately this game takes away all the responsibilities of the calling, keeping only the fun parts of it. And you don’t even need a license! Indulge your childhood fantasies, hop in the driver’s seat of a huge trailer truck and masterfully tread your way through a busy urban environment.

How to play American Truck Car Driving

It won’t take you long to realize that driving a truck isn’t easy at all. It’s a good thing that you don’t have a boss in this game to hold you accountable for the damage caused to your powerful vehicle.

Accidents will happen sooner or later, and you can repair the damaged trailer truck and fill the tank with fuel at a local gas station. You’ll encounter gas cans here and there while driving through the city — pick them up to avoid the detour. If you ever get stuck, you can click the rotating arrow on the screen to reset the position of your vehicle, or just start a new playthrough.

You can customize your truck’s appearance in the garage by applying different colors to the body, windows, and even smoke coming out of the exhaust system.

What are the controls for American Truck Car Driving?

At this point, American Truck Car Driving is available exclusively in a PC browser, and a mouse and a keyboard are required to play.

  • WASD or arrow keys — gas, reverse, brake, steer
  • C — change the camera perspective
  • G — enable slow motion
  • T — drop the trailer
  • Left mouse button — click the controls shown in the interface
  • Navigate mouse — look around


  • Test your truck driving skills in an urban environment
  • Gorgeous 3D vehicle models
  • Multiple camera perspectives (first-person included) for extra immersion

March 2023


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