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Archer Master


Archer Master

Take a deep breath, steady your aim, and become the Archer Master today! Immersed in peaceful Japanese scenery, you’ll assume the role of an aspiring marksman, perfecting the skill diligently.

Technically, you’re shooting at target dummies, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s gonna be a walk in the park. These dummies won’t always remain still but move in different ways and even take cover. Set at varying distances, even the stationary targets aren’t easy to hit if positioned far away. Practice does make perfect, and it's going to take some if you want to be the Archer Master.

How to play Archer Master

In each of the 40 available levels, you’re given several available arrows and targets to hit. The ratio is very generous in the first few stages but becomes more rigorous as you progress on the path of the Archer Master.

After you pull the bowstring for the first time, you must constantly compensate to hold the aim steady. Keep in mind that arrows aren’t bullets, and have a slightly parabolic trajectory. You may not notice the difference if the targets are close, but when far away you must aim slightly above the very spot you’re attempting to hit.

Soon enough, targets will start moving in predetermined patterns. You should study these patterns to decide the most favorable moment to release an arrow. The key to successful shots is calculating the time it takes an arrow to reach a target and the movement speed of the dummy.

What are the controls for Archer Master?

Tap or click and hold to aim, then release to shoot an arrow.


  • FPS archery simulation game
  • Complete up to 40 levels and unlock new bows
  • Compensate while aiming to hit the moving targets

March 2023


Cross platform