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Archery King

If you think you have what it takes to become the Archery King, test your marksmanship today against players worldwide or in a series of single-player challenges. If you’re a fan of competitive and realistic shooting games, this is your lucky day! Hope you didn’t think shooting a bow was easy!

How to play Archery King?

There are two game modes available in Archery King — single-player and multiplayer. It’s strongly recommended to hone your skills by yourself at first because, like in all things — practice makes perfect. Take a look at the anemometer, as it will show you information about the speed and the direction of the wind. In time, you’ll learn to compensate for your aim accordingly.

There are up to 24 levels available, each presenting you with increasingly difficult challenges. There’s a set score you must achieve with a predetermined number of arrows to progress. The good thing about this game mode — especially for beginners — is that there’s no time limitation.

When competing against other players, you’re awarded up to 15 seconds for each shot. Both you and the rival will shoot 5 arrows simultaneously. In the multiplayer, you’re awarded an additional point if you release an arrow in less than 5 seconds. Don’t let this be the deciding factor when taking your shots, though, since that +1 won’t do you much good if an arrow lands far away from the bull’s eye.

What are the controls for Archery King?

This amazing shooting game is currently a PC browser exclusive. Click and hold the left mouse button to pull the bowstring, drag the mouse to aim, and finally release it to shoot an arrow.


  • Realistic bow and arrow shooting simulation
  • Casual single-player and competitive multiplayer game modes
  • The direction and speed of the wind must be accounted for while aiming

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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