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Castle Keeper

Defend the castle from the hordes of stickmen coming at you in waves in Castle Keeper — an extraordinary action-shooter game. You’re controlling the movement of an expert archer. He is extremely skilled and does all the shooting for you. After defeating each wave of incoming enemies, you’ll be able to upgrade the character's abilities to prepare for the more challenging tasks ahead. There are several game worlds, each containing up to 15 levels and a final boss fight. Every new world features different and more difficult mobs to deal with, and you have to upgrade your skills from the ground up to defend each castle.

How to play Castle Keeper

The auto-shot is always on, and your character will shoot at the closest enemies, so your job is to hold the best position possible on the wall. After successfully repelling each wave, you’ll be able to choose additional skills. Your arrows will ricochet and hit additional targets, deal AoE damage, slow down the invaders, and more. The best strategy for long-term success is distributing these bonus skills as evenly as possible.

You’ll notice that some of the attacking stickmen are carrying ladders to scale the wall. While it may seem like a good idea to shoot them down immediately, it’s much better to let them reach their target. The fellow soldiers will all run directly to the ladder, and if you push it at the right time, you’ll eliminate multiple enemies with a single blow.

What are the controls for Castle Keeper?

You can play Castle Keeper for free on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, then hold and move your finger or mouse to guide the archer across the wall.


  • A valiant archer’s last stand to protect the kingdom
  • 2D action shooter meets tower defense
  • Plenty of character upgrades, castles to defend, and bosses to defeat

Release date

October 2022


Lipsar Studio LLC


All devices

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