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Game Drift 3.io preview
Game Drift 3.io preview

Drift 3.io

Drift 3.io

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Drift 3.io

Drift 3 is an engaging driving game in which you must skillfully navigate a car to compete against other players. Strive to be the last one standing and claim victory in these never-ending races.

How to play Drift 3?

Before diving into the game, you can choose your name and preferred car. A diverse selection of visually appealing vehicles awaits, ranging from cute to cool, each with a distinct look and feel. Choose the car that best suits you!

Keep in mind that in the settings section, you can toggle the tutorial mode on or off to accommodate your skill level. If you're new to the series, enable the tutorial to receive guidance. Experienced players can turn it off to dive straight into the action.

Your objective is to steer a car through intense courses while competing against other players. Avoid plummeting into the abyss, and push your enemies off the track by crashing into them. Survive as long as possible to win. The game retains the essential drifting mechanics and straightforward controls: use the left mouse button to direct your car. Click and hold the button to turn, and release it to straighten out.

What are the controls for Drift 3?

  • On desktop devices, press and hold your left mouse button to change the direction
  • On mobile devices, tap on the screen


  • Exciting gameplay with various new features
  • Competitive multiplayer mode for up to 8 players
  • Enticing car drifting competitions
  • Endless races until a winner emerges

Release date

January 2023




All devices

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