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Game Duotrigordle preview
Game Duotrigordle preview



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Duotrigordle, also known as "32 Wordle" and "Sectordle", is a challenging word puzzle game that tests your vocabulary and problem-solving skills by having you solve 32 Wordles simultaneously with only 37 guesses. This game is an evolution of the popular Wordle, offering an intensified challenge that appeals to puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy a complex test of their word-guessing abilities.

How to play Duotrigordle?

You have two main game modes to choose from: Practice and Daily. In Practice mode, you can attempt to solve puzzles with unlimited guesses, which is great for learning the ropes and improving your skills without the pressure of limitations. The Daily mode provides a fresh challenge each day, where you aim to solve the puzzle within the given 37 guesses.

Your task in Duotrigordle is to type in five-letter words using the on-screen keyboard. Each word you enter is applied to all 32 boards at once, and the color-coded feedback (green, yellow, and grey tiles) helps you track which letters are correctly placed, misplaced, or not in the word at all. The goal is to solve all 32 words with the fewest attempts possible. Over time, you'll need to scroll through the boards to view different sets of Wordles, focusing on those where you've made the most progress or where the hints are most revealing.

What are the controls for Duotrigordle?

Enter Words: Use the on-screen keyboard to type your guesses.

Submit Guess: Press the Enter button to submit your guess.

Navigation: Scroll through the different Wordle boards to view all ongoing puzzles.

Board Selection: Click on individual boards to focus and enlarge them for easier viewing.


  • Challenge across difficulty levels
  • Unravel puzzles, elevate skills
  • Time-driven challenges
  • Engage with a vibrant community
  • Expand your lexicon with each game session

Release date

April 2024




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