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8.8(25 votes)


Feudle is an engaging online word puzzle game inspired by the mechanics of popular word games like Wordle, but with a unique twist involving Google's autocomplete feature. Each day, you're presented with a new challenge to guess a word based on how Google might autocomplete a given search query.

How to play Feudle?

In Feudle, your main goal is to guess a secret word correctly within six attempts. Each guess provides you clues based on Google's autocomplete function:

  1. Select a word: Start by guessing a word that fits the autocomplete clue provided.
  2. Analyze feedback: After each guess, the game provides feedback through colored tiles indicating how close your guess was to the target word: green means the letter exists and is in the correct position, blue means the letter exists but is in the wrong position and grey means the letter isn't included at all.

What are the controls for Feudle?

  • Keyboard: Type your guesses using the keyboard
  • Mouse or Touch: Interact with the game's interface to enter guesses, access hints, and submit your answers


  • Daily autocompletepuzzles with new words
  • Clues based on Google's autocomplete searches
  • Feedback system through color-coded tiles
  • Option to create personalized Feudle games to challenge friends

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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