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Hangman is a classic pen-and-paper word game everyone’s probably played with friends during a boring lecture at school. Nowadays, you can play the digitalized version on all devices against an AI opponent, and the objective is to correctly guess the word based on a clue by using the letters from the alphabet on your screen.

A single body part of the stickman is drawn on the gallows after each wrong guess, and you’ve lost once the drawing is completed. You can make up to 7 wrong letter choices before the protagonist is executed by hanging. This game isn’t just merely entertaining because playing it is also an amazing verbal intelligence exercise.

Regardless of your age and expertise, playing this awesome word game will certainly improve your vocabulary and word-crafting skills. You’ll earn diamonds for completing levels that you can later spend on hints if it’s too difficult to figure out the solution.

How to play Hangman

It’s quite difficult to guess the required word unless you get a few lucky breaks with at least a couple of letters. Fortunately, the clues provided narrow down the domains of interest, so if you’re looking for a 4-letter animal, for example, try the first one that comes to your mind. Almost all the words in the English language contain at least one vowel, so if you’re out of ideas, you might want to check for them to get things rolling with some extra information.

What are the controls for Hangman?

You can play Hangman on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the letter from the alphabet below to craft words based on a given clue.


  • A classic pen-and-paper word game digitalized
  • Entertaining, educational, and brain-stimulating
  • A fun way to expand your English vocabulary

Release date

September 2019


RHM Interactive


All devices

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