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Electric Man

The Tournament of Voltagen is the most renowned martial arts tournament in the stickman universe, the current champion has never been defeated, but he’s no match for the Electric Man! Use a variety of kicks, punches, and grabs to eliminate the rivals across many stages of the tournament to claim the bragging rights of the most powerful stickman to have ever lived!

This awesome stickman fighting game features action-packed gameplay, great animations, and plenty of levels to complete. You can Save your progress and come back anytime to continue your journey, just make sure to write down the Load code, or you’ll have to start a New game.

How to play Electric Man

You’ll fight against multiple opponents most of the time, and even though the gameplay is quite hectic, it’s essential not to panic and play it cool. Running while executing a command will create a different attack move — a flying kick for example. These running attacks can be very efficient in eliminating multiple opponents at a time.

Besides yours and the health bars of the enemies, there’s a battery indicator you’ll notice in-game. You can perform epic slow-motion attacks and especially effective running grab moves, but they will use up some of the battery life. Use these powerful abilities to gain the upper hand even in seemingly hopeless situations.

What are the controls for Electric Man?

Electric Man is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use your mouse to navigate the game menu. The keyboard controls are as shown in the list below.

  • Arrow keys left/right — run 
  • Arrow key down — dodge
  • Punch/kick/grab moves — A/S/D
  • Slow-motion punch/kick/grab moves — Q/W/E


  • Stickman martial arts fighting tournament
  • Great character animations, fast-paced and addictive gameplay
  • Plenty of stages to complete on your quest for glory

Release date

May 2023


Damien Clarke


All devices

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